Remember Ringtones For Cellphones?

Remember how much fun it was when cell phones started to get more personalized? You could customize the cover, the ringtone, the wallpaper background. We are going to talk about these ringtones. Get free beats here, and use them as ringtones!

What was your first ringtone song? Mine was ‘03 Bonnie and Clyde by Jay-Z and Beyonce. Different ringtones for different people too. How cool is that? Can we still do that?

I’m about to find out after I write this. How much did the artist get paid for these? What about the producers and the songwriters? 

What can be said about ringtones? Or ringBACK tones?! Haha! Remember those?! Oh my gosh, when you called someone, instead of just the plain ol’ ring you would hear some random song they chose. Did you have a ring back tone?

What about when the voicemail came on and you heard their message and there was background music playing real low behind their voice. Goodness, all the places you can sneak music in when it comes to phones.

Now your phone is your hub for all the music you listen to. Your phone is the hub for everything in your life. Music is everywhere and why not have it playing while your phone is ringing? It has to alert you somehow. Download R&B beats here. Why not with a groovy tune that makes you happy?!

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So actually I just wanted to get a dialog going about all the places we hear music and how much it is in our lives without us even noticing. When we go anywhere, the gym, the grocery store, the bank, there is music and song everywhere.

Elevators, shopping malls, passing cars, cellphone ringtones… LOL. How are we affected by song and music everywhere we go. Are you ever in silence? What about when a song gets stuck in your head?! Geez! Why do songs get stuck in your head? Even if you don’t like the song?

Video games, commercials, movies, I have even heard music coming from a washing machine to signal the end of the wash cycle! Birds singing, refrigerator humming, can that be music too? Ball games, doctor’s offices, car lots, and gas stations.

Did you know all these places play music to get you to spend more money? When you feel excited you tend to spend more money. The music is put there to excite you.

So, how do we get away from music? We do not. Music is the lifeblood of all humans. We need music. We want it, we love it. It’s everywhere and there is no stopping it. I wish there was a way to bottle up all the music in the world and listen to every piece of music ever made.

Okay, so we do have the music streaming platforms that allow for this, mostly. But I mean REALLY absorb every song like a super human robot.

It started with ringtones on your phone… your phone holds the entire world of music. Thank you phones. Thank you being a good sport and allowing Shazam to be a thing. Catch it, play it, love it, repeat it 1,000 times and annoying your husband with the song you heard at Bath and Body Works.